When I was in China I had the oppertunity to photograph little children in a private daycare centre. Children from 2 years old upto 7 years were in this daycare centre. Most parents of these children are well to do Chinsese and occasionaly of mixed parents or european parents. The daycare centre has its own buildings and playground which is fenced all around and with a guard at the gate. At the top of the largest building was a playroom for all the children. There I met the oldest group of children who are between 6 and 7 years old. This group exists of 12 children. There were 10 chinsese children and 2 european children, they were brother and sister.

I followed them in their English class and their lunch which they have with all the other children. They are served hot meals. From each group a ‘Chef’ is chosen to serve the food. Before they start their meal they sing a song.

Between the end of the meal and their afternoon sleep I had 30 minutes to photograph the children of the oldest group. I asked them to dress up for the photo with the costumes from the playroom. While they were dreesing up they were running around and playing like children do. But when I asked them to step in front of my camera they froze. All that playfullness disappeared and they became like little frozen figures. Their frozen statue forms a peculiarly contrast with their colorfull outfits.